Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thanks for visiting! I just want to let everyone know, that I am slowly getting this blog back together and getting my scrap freebies back on track!! All the download links should be fixed now.. If anyone is having issues, please let me know!! Be on the look, I have new digi scraps coming soon!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thank You and A big Hug To Everyone!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You to all the wonderful people that have taken the time to leave comments for me.. Either on my Blog or on 4 Shared.. so many comments really brought tears to my eyes. I can't even find the words to how great it is to know you all are enjoying my creations!! Love and Hugs to everyone!
Stay tuned...Im on a creative streak!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun Friday Freebie! Fly Me To The Moon Stickers

How cool are these? I named them Fly Me to The Moon Stickers.. They are bright and vibrant colors...Just so Fun looking.. I had alot of fun making them too! I hope you all can use them! I would love to hear from ya, So dont be shy! Drop a note if ya snag.. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Love and Hugs
Dont forget to click the preview picture for a better view! Up close they are fantastic!
They are made 300 DPI and PNG Format
Download them HERE

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Twist on an old kit - Fix-It KIT - Freebie

This was always one of my favorite kits that I ever created... Some of you may have seen the early version....if you have gone thru some of my previous freebies.. When my computer crashed at the end of last year... I lost all of my older creations... so I had to take them off of my 4 shared too... Recently I have gotten a few requests for this one... I am glad to recreate it and had even more fun doing it this time...than I did the first time! I hope someone finds a good use for it and has as much fun with it as I have! Please dont forget to leave some luv if you download! I do so enjoy hearing from everyone!
Make sure to click the preview for a larger view :)


6 Diamond Plate Design Papers - Assorted colors
1 Wrench Frame + Extra Wrench
4 Screws
6 Screw Drivers - Assorted Colors
5 Metal Plate Tags - Father - Husband - Son - Dad + Blank

This kit is made at 300 DPI AND PNG Format
The Papers are 300 DPI 12x12 and JPEG format (they traveled better that way)
The papers were a little large in the zip files so I broke them into 2 folders.

Download Fix-It Kit Elements HERE

Download Paper Pack 1

Download Paper Pack 2

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Key To My Heart - FREEBIE

Yay! Another Freebie!!! I am very proud of the way these turned out... I am trying to perfect getting the 3d look... so elements will appear to look as realistic as possible... What do you think? I would love to hear everyones feedback!

This package includes 2 keys and 5 Extra ribbons.
1 ribbon is attached to the silver key.. but you can lay any of the other ribbons ontop of either key and it will look like it is wrapped around it. Lay another ribbon ontop of the silver key to change the ribbon if you dont care for the one that is on it already.
Kind of like dress up... but you get to choose between ribbons.. lol
Hope you all like these!

They are created at 300 DPI and are in PNG Format
Click on the Preview Pic to see better details.


Antique Diary Book Freebie

Heya! I am so excited to offer you my newest creation! It is an Antique Diary Type book.

Would be great to go with a journaling layout! I would love to hear everyones feedback on it!

Don't forget to leave some luv if ya download!


Made at 300 DPI and PNG Format
Click on Preview to see Full Sized

Download HERE

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine Word Art Freebie!!

You can never have too many accesories for Valentines Day!

Here is my newest creation. Valentine Glitter Word Art!

It can really go with more than just valentines day themes though.

Have a peak. Hope you all like them! Would love to hear your comments!

Thanks for stopping by!
These are made 300 DPI and are PNG files
Download them HERE

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